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Welcome to the Tewhey Lab

We are a group of human geneticist, molecular biologists and computational scientists interested in understanding how genetic variation impacts human traits and risk to disease.
Our lab is located in the Snell Building (B21, Floor 3) on the Bar Harbor Campus of The Jackson Laboratory.

What’s new with us?

2-06-2023     Ryan gives promotion seminar for Associate Professor at JAX
Congratulations to Ryan, who just gave his promotion seminar for Associate Professor at JAX! The title of his talk was “Defining the genetic basis of complex traits and disease through the (de)coding of regulatory syntax.”

12-16-2022     MPRAduo out now in Cell Genomics!
Our work on characterizing genome-wide RE1 silencers using MPRAduo is out in Cell Genomics! Our team, lead by post-doc Kousuke Mouri, modified MPRA to test repressive elements and characterized ~13000 human RE1. You can read the paper here

05-05-2022     Autoimmune GWAS work published at Nature Genetics
Postdoctoral Associate Kousuke Mouri’s first author paper “Prioritization of autoimmune disease-associated genetic variants that perturb regulatory element activity in T cells” is now out at Nature Genetics. Using MPRA, 18,000 GWAS variants across 6 T-cell autoimmune diseases were tested for functional activity, leading to the identification of 60 putatively causal variants and development of a mouse model for the risk allele of a prioritized variant near BACH2. This work was in collaboration with Dr. John Ray’s laboratory at the Benaroya Research Institute.

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