News from the Tewhey Lab

HCR-FlowFISH work published at Nature Genetics

Ryan Tewhey
29 June 2021

Our work describing HCR-FlowFISH as a flexible phenotyping methods for CRISPR non-coding screens is now out at Nature Genetics. Our article made the cover with a beautiful illustration from our friends at SciStories. Check it out here. This work was a collaboration between the Sabeti Lab at the Broad Institute and the Reilly Lab at Yale University.

Autoimmune GWAS MPRA Preprint

Ryan Tewhey
30 May 2021

Postdoc Kousuke Mouri is a first author on a new preprint in collaboration with Dr. John Ray’s laboratory at the Benaroya Research Institute using MPRA to localize genome wide association signals of T-cell mediated autoimmune disorders. In addition, we knock-out a cis-regulatory element that influences expression of Bach2 and show it plays a role in CD8 T-cell biology. You can read the preprint here.

Front page of the Portland Press Herald

Ryan Tewhey
11 February 2021

The Tewhey Lab’s partnership with the Maine CDC was featured on the front page of the PPH in an article describing how Maine is well prepared for COVID-19 genomic surveillance. Read the article here.

3'UTR MPRA Preprint

Ryan Tewhey
13 January 2021

We just uploaded a preprint describing our work, in collaboration with the Sabeti Lab using MPRA to functionally test human variation residing 3’ UTR. You can read the preprint here.

COVID-19 Sequencing Update

Susan Kales
10 June 2020

The Tewhey Lab is working with the Maine CDCP to sequence positive COVID-19 cases within the state of Maine. Our work will help develop an epidemiological narrative based on the genetic fingerprint of the virus in order to better understand how the virus is circulating.