News from the Tewhey Lab

MPRA of T2D elements in islets now on in bioRxiv

Ryan Tewhey
13 February 2020

The first project we started when joining JAX was a collaboration with the Stitzel lab at JAX-GM to look at T2D risk variants in beta islet cells. Due to the hard work of Shubham Khetan a grad student in the Ucar and Stitzel labs we now have a preprint in bioRxiv describing our initial work.

Hannah Completed Second Masters Degree

Susan Kales
17 December 2019

Hannah has completed her second masters degree, with distinction, from Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland. This comes after having completed a project identifying genes which can potentially help physicians identify drug resistance in kidney cancer patients before treatment, as well as investigating the efficacy of drug combinations in resistant and susceptible cell lines.