News from the Tewhey Lab

New Members of the Tewhey Lab!

Niketa Nerurkar
11 June 2022

We would like to welcome our new lab members Niketa and Frank! Niketa is a first year PhD student in the Tufts Mammalian Genetics program at JAX and Frank is a summer student in the JAX Summer Student Program.

Tewhey Lab featured on the JAX website

Niketa Nerurkar
05 May 2022

The Tewhey Lab was featured on the JAX website. Read the article [here] ( to learn more about our work on regulatory elements, collaborative efforts on Type II Diabetes and auto-immune disease, and Ryan’s scientific journey.

Autoimmune GWAS work published at Nature Genetics

Niketa Nerurkar
05 May 2022

Postdoctoral Associate Kousuke Mouri’s first author paper “Prioritization of autoimmune disease-associated genetic variants that perturb regulatory element activity in T cells” is now out at Nature Genetics. Using MPRA, 18,000 GWAS variants across 6 T-cell autoimmune diseases were tested for functional activity, leading to the identification of 60 putatively causal variants and development of a mouse model for the risk allele of a prioritized variant near BACH2. This work was in collaboration with Dr. John Ray’s laboratory at the Benaroya Research Institute.

MPRAduo Preprint

Niketa Nerurkar
11 February 2022

Our work on characterizing genome-wide RE1 silencers using MPRAduo is out on Biorxiv. Our team modified MPRA to test repressive elements and characterized ~13000 human RE1. You can read the preprint here

HCR-FlowFISH work published at Nature Genetics

Ryan Tewhey
29 June 2021

Our work describing HCR-FlowFISH as a flexible phenotyping methods for CRISPR non-coding screens is now out at Nature Genetics. Our article made the cover with a beautiful illustration from our friends at SciStories. Check it out here. This work was a collaboration between the Sabeti Lab at the Broad Institute and the Reilly Lab at Yale University.